The Pricks has released 6 singles and 2 EPs thus far. Here are their own comments on a select few, as well as some live footage.



Poster with cover and logo. The Pricks Bloody Nightlife Available at all streaming services 24.09.21

"Bloody Nightlife" takes you on your journey through a rough nightlife. As the train leaves the station with "as Good as Her," The Pricks-Circus begins in an energetic rock song with psychedelic Indian scales. Everyone is in place during the ceremony where the ritual unfolds with the opening line "We are not the same as when we came, we drank our way to paradise".

and insensitive mind of the helmsman who seems destructive to the group is seen as a real threat. The ship is in severe weather. Still, the motor power is too big to stop, there's now only one way to see things, "Nightlife Specs (Packed)". "The Felon," the long arm of the law, strayed and held a hard grip on the remaining mentally troubled members, who were no longer in resistance. 

Furthermore, the rock song "Nothing But Float" depicts a more ambivalent relationship with the carousel consisting of formalia, agitation, chaos and intoxication. In the context of the EP, many lives have been lost in mafia recruitment when we have come all the way to "You'll Wind Up Alone" and The Pricks' cover of "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath". In "You'll Wind Up Alone," the barbaric, poisonous

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The single Nothing But Float portrays the first real meeting with Jim Morrison and The Doors. The songwriter Gert Aanje got to experience a rough summer week filled with partying, alcohol, and very little ground contact. This is referred to already in the opening line "I've been busy doing nothing but float', time was right for whiskey down my throat ". In addition to this, the song is also about having good intentions and trying your best, but that emotions and other inhibitions that come from being human, get in the way. "Love is the end" is a sarcastic statement in the lyrics from someone who has lost faith in that statement.

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Hand painted art nouveu-esque poster. "The Pricks Present: Nothing but Float available May 21".


The song is inspired by a fictive visualization based on experiences and thoughts that Gert Aanje had. During the making of the song The Pricks were inspired by bands such as Howl, the Kooks and Living Alma.

Lyrically, the song both describes a love relationship, as well as the time we live in. The protagonist chooses to leave a girl he met some time ago. They had fallen in love and were together for the past few weeks. As he became better acquainted with the girl, he started noticing aspects of her that he didn’t like.

Hand painted gouache poster for Writing for The Times vaguely resembling a newspaper.

He now reflects on how most people today act, and he compares them to ants. With the line "Everything these days all look the same", he delivers the message that everyone is equal, and there are no originals. Therefore, he has given up

society and people. He is now embarking on a journey, but warm memories of the time with this girl are constantly appearing in his head. 

The Title “Writing for The Times” is ambiguous. It both means that he writes the lyrics about his current situation in life and society. But it’s also a joke that he’s writing a fictional story for the paper “The Times”, as heard in the line “Colorize my fiction story for The Times”. 

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Since the band formed in 2017 The Pricks have been considered as one of the greatest live acts from Oslo, Norway. They have played tons of concerts all over Norway; Rockefeller, John DeeKroa i Bø, and Musikkflekken to name a few, as well as Zalib in Rome, kicking off the international part of their 2021 Bloody Nightlife-tour.

Fast and slow are terms we don't
Aerial shot of The Pricks playing on stage. It says "Another... State of Mind" at the bottom.

Photo: Ingvild Dekeyser

The Pricks are a passionate and committed group of music professionals, with the talent and drive to succeed. They are always pushing themself to achieve more success in their music career and looking to perfect their technical abilities and develop their own unique style. Their live performances makes this aspect clearly evident, as

they are always finding new ways of captivating and engaging the audience. The act of combining tried-and-true methods with fresh and fun approaches, both music- and show-wise, makes their live concerts appealing and fun to both new and old fans.